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ZigBee vs Z-Wave – What’s the difference?

We’ve had quite a lot of questions about what the differences are between ZigBee and Z-Wave and in this blog post we hope to be able to clarify things without involving too much of the underlying technical details. Some key points require a little bit of technical understanding though, but we’ll try to keep things simple.

WiFi network security

How Securifi tested its IoT Security Solution

Introduction The recent spate of Mirai botnet attacks has brought into sharp focus the vulnerability of many connected home devices. One example of which is the massive DDoS attacks on Internet service company Dyn, which brought down popular websites such as Netflix, Twitter, and the BBC. In total, Mirai infected...

Mirai botnet malware solution

How to Protect your IoT devices against Mirai Botnet Malware

There has been a lot of news and hype around the potential of the Mirai botnet to wreak havoc. Unfortunately, that hype appears to be justified. Besides, the attack that took down the Internet service company, Dyn, and in doing so Netflix, Twitter, the BBC, and many other leading websites...

WiFi signal

Boosting WiFi – How and Why you Should Test Your WiFi Signal

Poor WiFi coverage in some parts of a home is a common problem, but thankfully one that can usually be solved. You can boost WiFi signal with a number of free methods and, if necessary, also by getting an additional or a different device. WiFi router technology, router placement, and...

best ISP

How to Choose the Best ISP and Internet Package

Internet access is a significant monthly expense and you may be paying more than you need to – as well as, not receiving the best possible service or speed. Everyone’s Internet needs are also very different. Your surfing habits may mean you are paying for speeds you don’t need, or your...