Monthly Archive: March 2015

How to create a rule using delays on the Almond+

In our first guide to rules we explained things in quite a lot of detail, so this time we’ll keep things fairly brief. We’ll be showing you how to use delays for the triggers and in the example, we’re using a door sensor and a light switch to create a rule that turns on the light in a wardrobe for two minutes when the door is opened and then turns it off again. Click on through for a step by step guide…

How to create simple home automation rules on the Almond+

In firmware R070 we added support for home automation rules and we’ve improved things massively in R072, so we thought it was time to provide some instructions on how to create rules. A rule can be compared to a short instruction or piece of code that tells the sensors and devices you have connected to your Almond+ what should happen when a certain condition is met. So how do you create a rule? Read on to find out…

Firmware R072 released

Firmware R072 has been released for the Almond+ and it contains a lot of new features, improvements and bug fixes. We’ll cover some of them here and we’ll provide a more detailed breakdown in the forums. We’ll be detailing what has been updated since R070, as not everyone installed the R070as beta release. Click on through to read about the key changes in this release.