Monthly Archive: April 2015

How to password protect LCD UI apps on your Almond+

This is something we implemented a few months back, based on feedback from our Kickstarter backers, but it might not be very obvious how you set it up, so we figured a quick guide on how to use the App Security option on the Almond+ was overdue. this was designed to prevent access to individual apps in the LCD UI of the Almond+ and it’s really quite easy to use.

Removing Z-Wave sensors/devices from your Almond+

There has been some confusion with regards to how to remove Z-Wave sensors from the Almond+ and as such we thought we’d put together a little guide that explains both how Z-Wave works when it comes to adding/removing sensors and how it’s done correctly on the Almond+. This can also be applied to ZigBee devices, but it’s not needed and we’ll also explain why here.

How to create a rule using between on the Almond+

The Between option for time based rules have cause a little bit of confusion among some of you if the comments on the forums are anything to go by. As such we’ve created a short screencast that will hopefully clear things up a little. Click on through for a step by step guide…

How to create a rule using a timer and delays on the Almond+

So far we’ve shown you how to make some simple rules on the Almond+. This time around we want to show you how to make a slightly more complex rule using the timer and delays. In the example we’ve created we’ve set up a rule that will turn on the light at 7am and the increase the brightness of the light every two minutes, as a wake up call in addition to your alarm clock. Click on through for a step by step guide…