Almond App just Got Much More Powerful – No Banned Substances Involved

Remotely create automation rules, all new dashboard, and now do all firmware updates from the app.

We recently updated our app and firmware for Almond 2015 and Almond+. This update enables you to more easily:remotely control your smart home and create automations; view key smart and Wi-Fi device activity and functions; and update your device and app.  Below you can find out a little more about these features and learn how to do a firmware and app update.

What’s New?

Almond app

Our Dashboard is a completely new feature, enabling you to now:

  • Get an overview of recent Smart Home and Wi-Fi device notifications
  • See how many network and smart devices are online and active.
  • Toggle between your different Almond accounts.
  • View if you are in Home or Away mode.
  • Tap to quickly go to different tabs, features and notifications


Now it is possible to use the weather as an ‘IF’ condition on which to automate your smart home. For example, you can set that if the weather outside is 70 degrees then turn the thermostat to a certain temperature.

Create your own rules_V1

Almond integrates with a who’s who of key smart devices like Nest and Phillips, and its Rules Engine enables you to create sophisticated automation between those smart devices. Almond stores your rules directly on Almond and in the cloud. Previously, you could only create those rules by connecting directly with the Almond through our smartphone apps over Almond’s local network (your home network). Now you can create and modify all of your rules through the cloud from anywhere.  Your rules will be sync between the device and the cloud connection meaning the best of both worlds: device storage means your automation will still work even if the Internet is down, and cloud control for remote convenience.


Updating Almond has always been super easy through our touchscreen. But, after this update it will get even easier. In future, you will be able to do all updates through the app without needing to disturb your Almond device.


Updating to the latest Firmware and App

Before you can experience all these features, you need to ensure that both your app and your Almond Router are updated. Updating just one won’t work.

To update your firmware:

Go to your Almond’s touchscreen, tap on Settings, then the Software Update tab. On the right hand side tap on the Update button.

Note: your Almond will take a short time to update and restart. Don’t unplug it.

To update your app:

Simply go to AppStore and search for Securifi and Almond. Tap the Update button.

Any questions please connect with our support team at:


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12 Responses

  1. Joanne Sohl says:

    I get a message when trying to update the firmware, “unable to connect” now what?

  2. Hi, thanks for such a great product. But after the most recent upgrade, the Time widget on my Almond is not working. It shows a “starting …” message and then just flashes and nothing happens. Also, the weather widget has a really pale background, I could barely see anything.

    • warren coles says:

      Hi Benjamin. Sorry for replying slowly. So the weather widget is paler than before? And the time widget is still not working? We will get a solution for you.

      • warren coles says:

        Hi Benjamin. Our helpdesk team will contact you. Let me know how it goes.

        • Benjamin Zhang says:

          Hello Warren, your colleague helped me to downgrade my firmware to an older version, and the time widget is working now.

          However, there is a new problem. Wherever I open up the almond app on my phone, it wouldn’t let me do anything because the firmware version is not up to date. Do you have a fix for that?

  3. Christopher Hammer says:

    My Nest thermostat and Nest Protects are currently wifi-connected to my downstairs modem/router. Should I now reconnect these Nest products to my upstairs Ethernet-connected Almond plus? The Nest thermostat is located in the stairwell, perhaps a few feet closer to the Almond. The Protects are downstairs, a few feet closer to the modem/router.

    • warren coles says:

      Hi Christopher. Do you want to integrate the Nest thermostat into a smart home set up based on Almond? If so then you will need to link it to your Almond account. The benefits are the ability to create automations with Nest and other smart products. Let us know your plan.

      • Christopher Hammer says:

        Yes, I do want to build Smart Home capabilities around my Almond plus router. I put control of the Nest devices on the back burner as there seem to be problems integrating them with Almond until the next issue of firmware in a couple of months. On your advice I will move the wifi connect for the Nest devices to the Almond router. I have a Phillips Hue hub and four of the A19 Phillips smart color LED light bulbs. The Almond router seems unable to see these light bulbs, though it recognizes the Phillips hub. The Almond controls two on/off table lambs with Peanut smart plugs but I cannot make a single scene that simultaneously turns on both the peanut-plugged table lamps and the four Phillips LED lights. As I am new to this sort of thing, I feel like a prospector hunting for slivers of information in a multitude of places. If all of this is simple seamless integration, then I must be missing the master manual that tells how to do it . Thank you for your help.

  4. Catherine Chapin says:

    Since I tried to update our Almond + it will not re-boot! I have tried the reset button bit the screen goes completely white. The only thing it does is show the Secrifi screen with the dots running across the screen and thats it! I am so very sad…

  5. Ashok says:

    Hi Catherine,

    We regret the inconvenience caused and please be assured that we are there to assist you with the best possible solution from us. I would kindly request you to reach our support team at, who would be happy to take care of the concern for you. Thank you!

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