Almond Click smart button – One click to control multiple smart devices


This week, as well as announcing we are shipping Almond 3, we also announced that Almond Click, our smart button, is available for pre-order. Pre-order price is only $29.99 USD for a pack of 3, making it the most affordable smart button on the market.

Almond Click enables you to control many aspects of your smart home with just the click of a button, eliminating the need to take out your phone and use an app. Along with voice control from Amazon Alexa, Almond 3 users now have even more options to easily control their smart home and smart devices.

Complementing Your Smart Home App

Smart devices offer many real benefits to users. They provide more sophisticated functionality than a traditional device, for example, a smart light bulb has comparatively more color, brightness, and timing options. And, they also enable you to control your devices over the Internet with an app on your smartphone and to set up rules to automate your home.
Smart home apps provide great interfaces for viewing all your devices, setting up home automation, or understanding and playing around with the full potential features of any device. But sometimes you just want to turn a device on or off and this is where an app can slow you down as you have to get out your phone, open the app, and scroll to the feature. Almond Click is designed to solve this problem by allowing you to tie your smart devices to a programmable smart button.

Control Multiple Smart Devices. Use as a Door Bell

Combined with Almond 3, Almond Click can do much more than just turn off individual smart devices:

  • Activate and control multiple smart devices – To do so is super easy. Just create an automation rule in our Almond app with Almond Click as the IF trigger, and all the things you want to happen – for example, dim the lights, turn on the music, close the blinds – on the Then tab.
  • Use it as a door chime in combination with the built-in siren – Is baby sleeping and you don’t want a loud ring? If so, create a rule to flash your smart lights when someone presses Almond Click.
  • Use it as a panic button to send notifications or sound an alarm – Elderly people can put Almond Click on a keychain and wear it around their necks to help them if they have an accident. If they press Almond Click you can opt to receive messages and/or create a rule to sound Almond 3’s alarm or even flash some lights.
  • Use it as a two-way switch to control a light bulb from multiple locations.
  • Use it with the Almond Channel on IFTTT to send a tweet or invite your friends over for coffee. Forget where your phone is? You can even click to ring it and discover which cushion it is hiding behind.

Almond Click is compact and portable and can be either stuck to a wall or even used as a keychain. With three click possibilities – one press, double press, and long press – you can even tie three actions to each smart button.

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