Boosting WiFi – How and Why you Should Test Your WiFi Signal


Poor WiFi coverage in some parts of a home is a common problem, but thankfully one that can usually be solved. You can boost WiFi signal with a number of free methods and, if necessary, also by getting an additional or a different device. WiFi router technology, router placement, and knowledge of the channels your WiFi is using are all very important. But, no matter what method you choose, better knowledge of your WiFi signal will help you maximize boosting your WiFi. Follow the tips below to find out how best to test and learn more about your WiFi signal.   

Signal Analyzing Tools

  1. The quickest way of testing a signal is to take your laptop and walk around the house and watch the how the WiFi signal icon varies. Whilst good for many purposes, because of the lack of detail, it’s far from the most accurate method.
  2. For more precise information, many manufacturers of wireless cards provide utilities which give you much more detailed information, measured in decibels, about the WiFi signals in your area. To get this software, find the manufacturer of your wireless card from your Windows wireless control panel and go to the manufacturer’s site to see if they have a wireless software application or driver.  
  3. To discover the various features of available WiFi networks, such as channels being used and signal strength, applications such as Wifi Analyzer for Android phones or ViStumbler on Windows can be installed. These are ideal for configuring your WiFi router so as to avoid channel conflicts with other routers in your area and therefore boosting your WiFi signal.
  4. Another way you can get a more accurate idea of where the WiFi signals are losing their strength is to map your home. Install the image of your home into an app, like this one and you’ll get an accurate color representation of where the signals are at their strongest and which walls are blocking them.
  5. Finally, if you’re running the Chrome Browser or using Chrome OS you may want to check out Google’s Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics app which will check a host of potential problems with your WiFi network just to check all is running smoothly.

Check ISP speed

Actually, the first thing you should do is check the speed you are getting from your ISP.

All the methods above will help boost WiFi signal, it might be that you are still having issues with your home Internet. Sometimes, poor signal strength is not a result of the WiFi signal around your house, but the signal getting to it. Internet Service Providers (ISP) speeds are usually advertised as a maximum that they do not guarantee – with the distance from your Internet provider and/or the time of day having a direct affect on the speed of your service. Based on your location, it is possible you signed up for a service that simply cannot deliver at the speeds necessary for your home surfing requirements. To check whether you’re getting the advertised speed, websites such as Ookla’s or  tell you your upload and download speeds.

Once you know the speeds offered by your provider the next step is to look at the download and upload speeds of the different ISPs for your location to see if a different supplier offers better speed. The distance your home is from your ISP provider’s offices will affect your signal and it may well be a competitor is the better option. In the US you can use this service, while in the UK, USwitch, gives you the stats on suppliers within a specific postcode.  


Better information on your WiFi signal will help you to work out if the problem is with your ISP supplier, your home network setup, or your WiFi router. Once you are better informed you can then choose the right methods to boost your home WiFi. 

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