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ZigBee vs Z-Wave – What’s the difference?

We’ve had quite a lot of questions about what the differences are between ZigBee and Z-Wave and in this blog post we hope to be able to clarify things without involving too much of the underlying technical details. Some key points require a little bit of technical understanding though, but we’ll try to keep things simple.

smart home hub

How to Choose the Right Smart Home Hub

A smart home hub is essential if you want to get the most out of home automation. It enables you to connect together smart devices from different manufacturers and then create automation rules so that these smart devices will do something in response to an event happening on another smart...

WiFi password

The Definitive Guide to Finding your WiFi Password

We’ve all been there, that, “arghhhhh! What’s my router’s password?” moment. The fact is, if we follow all the suggested advice, then most of us will end up setting up a password which is impossible for mere mortals to remember. We then write it down and, because on that particular...

Greener gadgets

Greener Gadgets and Reducing Electronics Environmental Impact

Introduction A UN report in 2014 says that we threw away more than 41 million tons of electronics waste – in the form of notebooks, monitors, phones – with the USA and China accounting for 32% of that total. Some of that waste contains toxic chemicals such as cadmium, mercury,...

Home Insurance and IoT

How Insurers must Better Utilize IoT to Boost Profitability

Introduction For home insurers IoT brings tremendous challenges, and opportunities. It brings the opportunity to: reduce claims, predict premiums more accurately, and build better relationships with homeowners. But it also lowers demand for insurance as IoT devices make houses safer reducing the need for insurance. Home insurers will need to go beyond...

replace your ISP modem

How and Why You Should Replace Your ISP’s Router or Modem

With a little effort, you can replace your ISP modem – Comcast, AT&T, Cox, Time Warner Cable, Verizon and Charter Spectrum, among others. Below we will explain the benefits and drawbacks. But firstly let’s quickly explain what exactly you have got from your ISP so you can better understand your...