Almond 3, Eero, and Google WiFi – Why Almond 3 is the Best Whole Home WiFi System {Infographic}

Interested in creating your own smart home as well as getting seamless whole-home WiFi? The connected home can now offer so much now than just WiFi, and devices claiming to be the center of the connected home need to update to deliver on that. Check our infographic below to see how Almond 3 stacks up against Eero and Google WiFi as the center of the modern connected home. Please first have a quick look at the infographic and then read on for more feature details. 

Smart Home Hub and Whole Home WiFi System

Almond 3 is not just a mesh router (or whole home WiFi system), it is also an extremely powerful and feature rich smart home hub comparable to any other smart hub in the market. This built-in smart hub functionality – Zigbee connectivity, support for Z-wave dongles, and Almond’s home automation platform – means it can manage your smart devices as well as deliver fantastic whole home WiFi.

Smart hub functionality like above is necessary because most smart devices don’t use WiFi, they use other standards like Zigbee, Z-wave or Bluetooth. Therefore, in order to connect up your smart devices, your whole home WiFi system, or router, needs to include one of these and then have the software platform and ecosystem system to get them all working together. Unfortunately, our competitors, despite talk of being the center of the connected home, don’t offer this. Kind of reminds us of that game with two paper cups linked together with a piece of string…  

 More than the Sum of its Parts

Almond 3 offers unique value only possible because it is both a whole home WiFi system and a smart hub.

  • Knowledge of both your WiFi network and your smart devices means that your smartphone joining the network can be used to trigger home automation.
  • Two devices-in-one means a greener, more clutter-free living room

Works with Amazon Alexa

Almond 3 is the first router to support Amazon Alexa. It’s Alexa Skills deliver unique smart home and router functionality. With Almond 3 you can voice activate router features like parental controls and your guest network.  You can also control any smart thermostat, light or plug connected to Almond even if it hasn’t been verified by Amazon Alexa.

DIY Smart Security and a Built-in Siren

Almond 3’s automation platform includes Home and Away modes – or arm and disarm – to help you create a robust DIY home security system. Almond 3 also has a built-in siren to reduce the cost of creating that DIY security system. With Almond 3 all you need is one motion or door sensor and you can start securing your home.

Auto-arm/Disarm using a Smartphone

One of the unique functions only possible because it is a router and smart hub is the ability to create automation rules based on your smartphone joining the network. You can arm and disarm your DIY security system and personalize your smart home for different members of the family with this feature. For example, in the latter case, when your phone joins the network you can set different lighting and temperature compared to when your partner’s phone joins the network.

Block Kids WiFi and Activate Guest Network using an App or Voice Controls

As I mentioned above Almond 3 is the first router to integrate with Amazon Alexa enabling you to activate parental controls and your guest network using voice. While the others can do this through apps neither has the convenience of voice.

Local Control – WiFi and Smart Device Management even without the Internet

You can control Almond 3, like all Almond smart routers, via your local network, and over the Internet. This means your smart home and your local WiFi connection will still work even if the Internet is down. 


Almond 3 is integrated with IFTTT to add even more automation opportunities. With Almond 3 it is possible to use the time, weather, or another device as triggers to turn on your thermostat. However, you may arrive home at irregular intervals and want to warm your home in advance for which these options are not the best. Now with IFTTT integration, you can use the distance from your home on Google Maps to turn on your thermostat to get the temperature perfect without wasting heat.

Get an Almond 3

The award-winning Almond 3 is a mesh router and a smart hub. With Almond 3 you can blanket your home with seamless WiFi, connect up all your smart devices, and then control them with voice, buttons or an app.

Already the smartest router on the planet, it is now the most secure consumer router as well. It is the only consumer router capable of protecting your home network against Mirai botnet malware. Learn more. 

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