Firmware R070 released

We’ve just released firmware R070 for the Almond+ and it’s a major software update which contains a wide range of new features, fixes and improvements. If you’ve already updated to R069 or later, then you’ll be able to upgrade to this firmware using the Software Update option in the Settings in the LCD UI. We’ve provided step by step instructions for the firmware update in this blog post and we’ve also covered some of the new features that comes with this firmware release such as the home automation rules interface.

The major new feature in this firmware is the addition of creating rules for sensors and devices. This is done on the Almond+ itself and we’ll be posting a separate update here on the blog explaining how to create rules as well as explain the current limitations. We’ve also updated the Wi-Fi drivers and added support for Wi-Fi offloading which is a feature built into the processor we’re using. This will improve the Wi-Fi performance, especially for the 5GHz band, but we still have some work fine tuning the throughput performance.

Other new features include an option to hide passwords in the LCD UI as well as to password protect all the apps in the LCD UI on an app by app basis. We will also cover this in more details in a separate blog post. Just make sure you know what the LCD pin code is before you enable this feature, or you may lock yourself out of your Almond+. Additionally the LCD UI has also had the time and weather apps added. Note that the time zone might be wrong and for now this has to be set manually and we’ll be providing instructions on how to change that. The goal is to solve this by the next firmware release.

We’ve added and improved support for a wide range of sensors and devices, including in-wall dimmers, some in-wall switches and a whole lot more and you can read the full list of sensor/device related changes in our forums. If you’re experiencing any problem with this firmware, please report it here.

How to update to R070

As mentioned, as long as you’re already on R069 or later, you can update the firmware through the LCD UI. Simply locate the Settings app on the second screen of the LCD UI and tap on it and the Almond+ will automatically check for a new firmware update.

Now simply tap on Update Software an the Almond+ will start downloading and then updating the software.

Once the update has been successful, your Almond+ will reboot and you’ll have the latest firmware installed.

For a more detailed guide, as well as a guide on how to do this via the web UI if you prefer to download the new firmware from the forum link above, please see our Wiki.

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5 Responses

  1. pdxsk8r says:

    I see the Rules tab was added to the latest firmware, but does it support sending me notifications when an action occurs, for example when a door opens? The “Action” field does not provide me with any options; it is blank.

    • Lars says:

      The notifications are done through the apps. Currently we only have support in the Android app, but it’ll come soon to the iOS app.
      Please update to R070as via the LCD UI if you want to use the notifications though.

  2. frank says:

    when come the almond+ device in germany stores? i want it, and i want it now 🙂

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