Firmware R072 released

Firmware R072 has been released for the Almond+ and it contains a lot of new features, improvements and bug fixes. We’ll cover some of them here and we’ll provide a more detailed breakdown in the forums. We’ll be detailing what has been updated since R070, as not everyone installed the R070as beta release. Click on through to read about the key changes in this release.

First of all, for upgrade instructions if you’re not familiar with how to upgrade the firmware on your Almond+, please see the R070 firmware release update where we provided step by step updated on how to update the firmware via the LCD UI and the same steps apply to this and all future firmware releases.

The single biggest change in R072 is the improvements we’ve done to the rules interface, as we’ve made it both easier to use, as well as added support for turning on/off rules and last, but not least, it’s now possible to edit rules. Please note that some rules created in R070 or R070as might not work properly in R072 and we suggest that you delete your rules before updating to R072, as the behind the scenes changes are quite significant. We’ve also added an option to sync the time in the rules UI and we’re also displaying the local time and date, so you can tell straight away if it’s correct or not.

Home and away mode has been added to both the LCD UI and the web UI of the Almond+ in this release. This ties in with the notifications in the apps, but please note that currently it’s only supported in the Android app, as we’re still working on bringing support for this to the iOS app. We’ve also put in an option to change the LCD UI password and turning off the LCD UI lock in the web UI and the options for controlling this can be found in the Management section of the local web UI.

When it comes to sensor support, we’ve added vastly improved support for the Philips hue and we now support most of the different lights. We’ve also added support for multiple hue hubs and it’s also possible to control the hue lights from within the local web UI and we have added initial support in the rules as well. Other devices that we’ve added support for include Osram’s Lightify bulbs, most of CentraLite’s ZigBee sensors, Z-Wave rolling shutter controllers, the Quirky Tapt switch and the Linear garage door opener. Note that not all of these devices and sensors are fully support in the apps as yet.

Finally we’ve also added translations for Chinese (simplified/traditional), French, German, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish. Some of these are still being worked on and so far the translations are only for the LCD UI.

Any and all feedback on this release is welcome, either here in the comments, or in the forums.

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