Firmware R083 released

We have just released the Firmware R083 and it contains lot of new features, fixes and improvements. We can update the firmware directly via LCD UI from R72 onwards and anything less than that via Web UI.

You can find installation instructions here:

Note: Please do ensure to reboot the Almond+ once the firmware is updated and clear the browser cache before accessing the Web UI with out fail.

You can download the firmware here:

Please post any issues with this firmware in this forum:,4.0.html

Version: AP2-R083-L009-W016-ZW016-ZB005
Release Date: 14/12/2015
Checksum: 632281F7FDFDBB5293275811BA4E7330

Some major highlights of this Firmware are controlling the sensors locally via the Almond App – Ability to switch between cloud and local connections using the cloud icon on the top right corner. Wi-Fi/Wired Clients – Using Wi-Fi/Wired clients as presence sensors in Rules when your Almond+ is in Router mode. You have to first enable “Use as Presence” sensor option. These client devices are shown in the sensors tab of the Local Web UI and Network devices section of the Android app and iOS app. In our experience, most mobiles (phones and tablets) connect almost instantly when they come into contact with the Router. However, there is a lot of variance in the way they re-connect. We noticed that these devices periodically reconnect to the Wi-Fi network, but this period can be anywhere between 1 to 60 minutes. We have decided to set a default time-out of 6 minutes based on the behavior of most popular iOS and Android phones. Scenes – Create and control scenes (Scenes would allow you to control multiple devices at the same time. For example you can turn all your lights off with a single click). Nest Integration – Ability to control Nest Thermostat and Protect (as a sensor), also include it in the Rules and Scenes.


3 New apps (Users, DMZ, Filters).
Keyboard cursor can be moved left and right.
Added support for 4 new Languages (Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Turkish).
Added support for First Alert Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm.
Added humidity (RH) feature for Z-wave Thermostat.
Custom Ping IP & Fallback URL added into Internet App for checking Internet status.
Added lock button in Weather app.
Vision Motion sensor’s temperature issue is fixed. Please remove and add it again as Motion sensor.
Password validation for Web Admin under Status app.
In wizard Desktop button removed for Almond Account Affiliation.
Added validation before editing the bridge IP in status app.
Info icon added to the Repeater app.

Web UI:

Software validation support and new software available notification on status tile.
Added Feature for Scenes and Clients.
Added sorting for selected devices in Results/Actions under Rules/Scenes.
Added support for Adding/Removing Nest through Sensors page.
Added support for Energy Reader, Roller Shutter, Garage Door Opener, ZWtoACIRExtender,
MultiSoundSiren, Multiswitch, and Zigbee temperature sensor.
Added support for Humidity value in Z-wave Thermostat.
Added support for temperature index for Motion sensor, Contact switch and Water Sensor.
Updated support for Contact switch, Water Sensor , Light Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Moisture Sensor, Multi Sensor.
Device cards now show Friendly device name.
Setpoint Thermostat and standard warning devices bug fixes.
Fixed DHCP Lease time issue.
Added support for responsive UI.
Updated support for Movement sensor.
Door Lock pin validation fix.
Hue brightness settings bug fix.
Updated general Thermostat icon.
Added support for Amazon Dash to be used as Network Device.
Separate script files are pulled for loading each tab.
Client type icons added.
Change in notification strings on dynamic commands.
Issue in setting value for Setpoint Thermostat is fixed.

Rules UI:

Rewritten the complete rules UI.
In the ‘between time’ option, the end-time can go beyond 11:59 pm midnight. The start to end time can span 24hrs now.
Router clients are now usable as presence sensors/event in rules.
Added support for Moisture Sensor, Smoke Detector, Temperature Sensor, Nest Thermostat, BinaryPowerSwitch, SetPointThermostat, Occupancy Sensor, Roller Shutter, Garage Door Opener, ZWtoACIRExtender, MultiSoundSiren.
Added support for Centigrade and Fahrenheit conversion.
Device cards now show Friendly device name.
Changed the way Triggers are selected. Now user does not need to click any ‘Confirm Selection’ button, clicking device ensures trigger bar is created for it.
Hue color picker fixed in Rules.
Minor Bugfixes and responsive UI
Updated support for Movement sensor.
Changed the way Time is selected in Triggers, removed tick button.
Hint fields added and removed help boxes.
Added bubble counter for Actions.
Saving rule has notification toasts with random ‘please wait’ messages, which appear every 10 seconds.
In Rules preview, device icons turn grey when Rule status is toggled to inactive.
Added support for Toggle option.
Added sorting option under the Action part of rules.

Firmware Z Wave:

Added support for Aeon labs Multi sensor Gen5, Z-wave plus Fibaro Smoke detector, Z-wave plus Door Sensor, Fibaro Dual Relay module, First Alert Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm.
Added configuration settings for all Z-wave devices in connected sensors App.
Added fix for Schlage Door lock (Model: BE469Nx) report issue.
Added necessary delay during association of door locks to improve association process.
Improved Energy reader report interval time to 2 minutes.
Added fix for Schlage BE469NX lock.
Added fix for z-wave crash.
Ecolink Door sensors tamper issue fixed by updating Alarm Command class version.
Added support for First Alert Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm.
For Schlage locks request value is enabled after setting the value.
Setting value issue with dead device is fixed.

Firmware Zigbee:

Added temperature index for Contact Switch, Motion Sensor and Water Sensor.
Added Support for temperature reporting on Sercomm New door Sensor
Added fixes for Zen Thermostat, Zigbee devices not responding, Peanut plug firmware upgrade, Thermostat initial values.
Added Support for Osram color bulb.
Fixed level reporting issue in Wemo bulb.


Added support for OpenVPN Client(Beta)
New Websocket Server added.
Bug fixes in Rules Engine.
Hue delete API is implemented.
Changing the name of a Hue bulb will be reflect in Hue Hub database too.
FTP/Samba blank page issue fixed.
Web UI login password randomization changed.

Known Issues:

For some Z-wave sensors, Temperature and Humidity rules would not be working.
Minor responsive UI issues.

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