How to Use a Home Automation Hub to Make Your Home Safer, More Secure and More Valuable

You have probably read a lot about smart home and are really interested. Still, you haven’t bought a smart hub – or home automation hub – and started automating your home yet because you are not entirely convinced how useful it is going to be for your home. Alternatively, you may already have some smart devices and a home automation hub and are looking for additional ways you can enrich your home. No problem. Read on and learn some great ways you can use that home automation hub with your smart devices to make your home more secure, safer, convenient and even add value.

DIY Home Security

Using a home automation hub and some smart devices can be a more cost-effective and flexible way to secure your home compared to a traditional security company.


Setting up your own system means you are able to decide the level of security you require and shop around for the best price for each of the parts you need. With just one sensor and one alarm connected to your home automation hub, you have secured a window or door. You can then decide how many more windows you want to cover and expand to suit your needs.

You also get to save on monthly rental and installation fees – The automation platform provided with your smart hub is usually bundled and maintained free of charge by the manufacturer.

Flexible and More Personal

With a good home automation hub, there are many ways you can strengthen and make your DIY home security solution more personal for you.

  1. Time – When you go to bed you want your alarm to sound, but you disarmed your home automation hub when you got home. No problem. Just create another automation rule similar to this: if it is after 11 pm and the sensors are triggered – then sound the alarm’.
  2. Home automation lighting – In the above example, it may well be that you go to bed at different times on different days so don’t want your alarm system tied to the time. If so – if you have smart lights or even an older light plugged into a smart plug – you can create an automation to activate the alarm based on the lights. For example, if the lights are switched off and the sensors are triggered, then sound the alarm.
  3. Smart devices to create innovative warnings – You may have asked your neighbor to call the police if they hear the alarm, but whether to do so can often be confusing as the alarm may be cut or turned off by a determined thief. One solution is to create an automation to also flash a light in an upstairs bedroom. If nobody turns it out your neighbor will be clear there is a problem.
  4. Prevention and saving money – Perhaps you are going away for a couple of days or you are simply coming home later than expected, and you want it to appear someone is home. This is easy as you can turn your lights on and off directly from an app. You can also create a rule so that your lights are only on for certain times of the day, thus saving your lighting bill.

Almond Router Home Automation Hub Features

Our Almond routers have a built-in home automation hub with smart features that can help you save and personalize even more.

  • Almond 3 has a built-in alarm to further reduce the cost of setting up DIY home security. With Almond 3 all you need is one sensor.
  • Almond routers are both routers and home automation hubs with knowledge of both your smart devices and WiFi devices. This means you can use your smartphone joining your WiFi network to arm and disarm your security system, saving the trouble of getting your phone out of your pocket and making it easy to set up for all of your family.
  • Amazon Alexa integration – Almond 3 is integrated with Amazon Alexa so you can voice activate arm and disarm modes.

Home Automation, Home Safety

In the US more than 18000 adults and 2300 children suffer fatalities at home every year, and a home automation hub can help to prevent accidents in many ways. You can add sensors to places you don’t want kids to go: near your gun safe, your liquor cabinet, or the cupboards in the kitchen where you keep your detergents, the garage where you have your power tools, in your shed or outside the gate. You can then set up warnings to let you if you forgot to close or lock a door, a curious child is trying to open a cupboard they shouldn’t be, or someone is in a room they shouldn’t be.

The great thing about smart home systems is that you can create flexible warnings. For example, if you are exercising outside or taking a bath, you won’t be able to receive a notification on your phone as you don’t have your phone with you. In this situation, if someone triggers the motion or door sensor, you can create an automation rule to sound your alarm, set off a smoke detector, or flash your smart lights – as well as, sending a notification to your phone.

You can also use smart plugs to gain limited control over many older devices like irons, heaters or power tools. If you forget to turn them off you can do so from a smartphone app, saving you the trouble of needing to go home.

Home Automation, Saving Energy

Link heating with distance from home

If you come back home at irregular times you can schedule your heating to come on when you are a certain distance from home rather than a certain time. This is possible with Almond 3 because it is also integrated with IFTTT and hundreds of web services.

Link heating to the weather

Set the temperature of the thermostat to be dependent on the weather, meaning if the temperature is a little better than expected for the time of year you don’t need to waste energy.

Link sprinklers to the weather

Use a smart plug attached to a smart hub and then you can schedule your sprinklers to turn off if it rains.

Know if a window is open

Sensors can tell you if you forget to close a window or get a notification if one of your children opens one when they shouldn’t.

Forget to turn something off

As long as it is a smart device or has a smart plug then you can turn it off from your phone from anywhere.

Protect against home damage

Install flood sensors to know as soon as possible when there is a burst pipe. This means you can save your favorite carpets and lower insurance premiums.


A home automation hub offers tremendous opportunities to improve safety, security and save energy.

You can of course also use home automation for simple convenience and fun: turning the lights and thermostat on when you unlock your smart lock, creating a lighting mood for watching movies or sports or enabling you to work hands-free in the kitchen. With the right home automation hub and smart devices, you are only limited by your imagination.

Almond Smart Routers

The Almond series of smart routers are award-winning WiFi routers with integrated smart hubs. As well as Amazon Alexa support, they deliver unique features only possible because they have control over both your WiFi network and smart devices. Learn more here.

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  1. To make a smart home you need to buy a lots of components like smart bulbs, security cameras, speakers,sensors and you need to connect them all to a hub that helps them communicate with each other and with you, via your smartphone.

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