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This is the second part of two blogs on securing your home Wi-Fi network. You may not think too much about your Wi-Fi security but it is very important to understand a little about your home network and how to secure it. For example, even though you have a password for your Wi-Fi network, it may be too simple and someone may have guessed it and are now using your Wi-Fi network.

For these reasons, it is good to be able to understand and check your Wi-Fi security settings; know how to change your Wi-Fi password, and block unwelcome Wi-Fi devices getting onto your network. In part one, we covered: how to set a secure password, check you are using the latest security mode and rename your network. In this blog, part two we will look at how to monitor and block Wi-Fi without needing to change your password, and the importance of guest networks.

Blocking Wi-Fi and Monitoring Wi-Fi Users

Updating all your Wi-Fi passwords will prevent most people from getting onto your Wi-Fi network. But to manage your Wi-Fi security it is still very useful to be able to block and monitor your Wi-Fi users. Firstly, the reason is that when you update your Wi-Fi password you need to tell everyone the new password. This is time-consuming for all. Especially if you know that you are only trying to stop one person from using your Wi-Fi network. Secondly, there is a small chance that your Wi-Fi network is hacked so it is good to periodically check for suspicious devices.

This can be done by checking the list of MAC addresses connecting to your router. Every device has a unique MAC address which your router uses it to identify where to send device-specific data. Often your device has a name like ‘John’s notebook’ so it is easy to identify approved devices. If there is not a name then still you can identify the devices by other indicators like the manufacturer or simply by looking at the number of devices in the list compared to the number you feel are approved to use your Wi-Fi network. Once you have done this you can block individual devices or create a whitelist of approved devices and block Wi-Fi for all other devices.

You can find out the list of MAC addresses by going through the settings in your admin console or downloading an app from GooglePlay or the Apple AppStore.

The biggest issue in creating this kind of whitelist is that it is extremely cumbersome to give your Wi-Fi password to guests. You will need to add them to the whitelist.

Use your Guest Network

To improve Wi-Fi security you can also switch on a guest network when your guests arrive. Each time you turn it on it creates an entirely new Wi-Fi network separately from your main network. Almond will not use the same Wi-Fi password twice so when your guests leave their password is obsolete.

Hide your network

The final thing you can do if you feel it is really necessary is to hide your network. This means your network won’t be publicity viewable. You have to log in it typing the name of the network. You might want to first get all your key devices to log in and click to automatically connect before you tap to hide.

The Advantages of Almond router and smart hub

Almond router has several features that make it easier for you to block Wi-Fi and keep unwanted users off your network.

Blocking Wi-Fi and Monitoring

Almond has built Wi-Fi monitoring and blocking for all the devices on its network into the Almond app. Available for Android and iOS, it offers the following possibilities:

  • See name, type of device, manufacturer, MAC address and last known IP address of every device.
  • Choose to get notified whenever any device joins your network.
  • Block or schedule a device’s access to your network.

Guest network

Almond has a built-in touchscreen that makes it possible to enable Almond’s guest network easily on screen.

About Almond

With Almond router, you have Wi-Fi password control and Wi-Fi blocking all in one powerful Wi-Fi security solution. Changing your password is incredibly simple, but so is blocking suspicious devices from your Wi-Fi network saving you the trouble of informing your real users.

The Almond series of routers has a number of options: Almond, Almond+ and the mesh whole home Wi-Fi solution Almond 3. You can buy from Amazon, a number of other online and offline outlets, and also Securifi’s website.

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