How to Choose the Best Amazon Alexa Compatible WiFi Router

If you love your Amazon Alexa and enjoy using voice commands to tell your gadgets what to do, you can now do that with your WiFi router.

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That thought is completely understandable. Routers have traditionally been difficult to set up and manage, requiring you to go to a website only accessible through numbers like, and then negotiate through a horrible interface reminiscent of computers thirty years ago.  A real missed opportunity because a router is one of the most essential devices in your home and the gateway between your WiFi network and the Internet; making it the ideal device to solve many problems in the modern connected home.

Luckily over the last few years, some companies have recognized the importance of WiFi routers and worked hard to make them more user-friendly, increase their functionality, and even make them able to work with Amazon Alexa voice commands. Our own series of smart WiFi routers enable you to set up entirely on a built-in touchscreen, manage your WiFi setting from an easy-to-use app, and also integrate a smart hub, IoT security, and parental controls.

WiFi router voice activation features

If you have never used your router – other than perhaps for the occasional reset – there are many features that you can take advantage of to improve your WiFi security, speed, and surfing safety.

Below are some of the features already making your router easier to use through voice commands.

Guest network

In order that you don’t have to give your WiFi network password to guests, your router can create a separate network that you activate when your guests come and then turn off when they leave. Every time you activate the guest network the password is never the same so there is no chance for a neighbor to continue to use. As the guest network is something you just need to turn on and off, it lends itself well to voice activation.

Parental controls

One of the issues of the modern home with multiple devices all on the web is the difficulty of controlling children’s access to the Internet – Whether it is too much time on the Internet or inappropriate content – as multiple devices make it very difficult to install and manage parental controls. Routers solve this problem: as the gateway between every device on your home network and the Internet, you only need to install parental controls here and you can then control all the devices on your WiFi network. Voice activation can then be used to turn off the Internet for your kids.

Routers that support Amazon Alexa

Securifi’s Almond was the first router to support Alexa back in May of 2016. Since then some of our competitors have followed, Eero, and then Linksys. Both Almond and Eero enable you to turn off the Internet with voice commands, while Almond also enables you to turn on and off your Guest Network. Eero, on the other hand, enables you to find which room your phone is in. In the case of Linksys, the implementation is recent and their website only mentions guest network.

Additional Alexa voice command functionality

Routers are capable of doing much than just routing. If you enjoy using voice commands, look for what extra connected home functionality the device is capable of and its available for Alexa.

The Almond series of routers are not just WiFi routers but also smart hubs. The smart hub functionality means if you have some smart devices like, for example, Nest or Philips Hue you can take your home automation to the next level by getting these devices talking to each.

Why the next level? — Your smart devices might already be compatible with Alexa, but with Almond 3 enabling these devices to talk to each other, you can create scenes that switch on multiple devices at once with one voice command. You can also get any thermostat, light or switch working as long as it is connected to Almond, whether Alexa supports or not. Finally, if you have DIY home security you can disarm and arm your system with voice commands, saving you the trouble of even having to put down your shopping.

Almond Smart Routers

The Almond series of smart routers enable are award-winning WiFi routers with integrated smart hubs. As well as Amazon Alexa support, they deliver unique features only possible because they have control over both your WiFi network and smart devices. Learn more here.

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