How to password protect LCD UI apps on your Almond+

This is something we implemented a few months back, based on feedback from our Kickstarter backers, but it might not be very obvious how you set it up, so we figured a quick guide on how to use the App Security option on the Almond+ was overdue. this was designed to prevent access to individual apps in the LCD UI of the Almond+ and it’s really quite easy to use.

To access the App Security settings, tap on Settings (on the second screen of apps in the LCD UI), then Security.



At this point you’ll be asked to enter your screen lock PIN.


By default, this is 1234.


Now simply tap on Select Apps under App Security to start selecting which apps you want to password protect.


You’ll get a scroll down list of all the available apps, simply double tap on the ones you want to select and a small lock icon will appear. Note that the selected app will be highlighted in green. To deselect an app, simply tap on it again when it’s highlighted.




Once you’re done, tap on Exit to save your selections. Next exit back out into the main UI and try to access one of the apps you’ve selected and you should be prompted to enter your LCD UI PIN code.


An additional feature includes the option to hide all passwords in the LCD UI by using the Hide Passwords option in the security settings. Simply tap Enable to enable this feature.



Once enabled, all your passwords will show up as stars (*****), below is an example of the Web Admin password, but this applies to all passwords across all apps in the LCD UI.


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