How to share access to your Almond+ or Almond 2015

While we’re on the topic of not so obvious features, did you know that you can share access to your Almond+ or Almond 2015 with your family and friends? It’s really easy to do as well, but what’s not so obvious is where it’s done.

As you may, or may not know, your Almond+ or Almond 2015 can be accessed via our cloud based UI by visiting This gives you remote access to your sensors, as well as some basic router settings, although we’re looking at adding more functionality here over time.

More importantly, this is where you can access your Almond account settings. To do so, simply click on the email address in the top right hand side corner (which should be the email address you signed up with), the select Account from the drop down box.


Now you should see a screen similar to the one below. Simply tap on the down arrow besides the name of your Almond and you’ll see a few options.



There are two things  you can do here, remotely unlink your Almond from the cloud account, but more importantly, you can invite other users so they can control your Almond. Simply click on the Invite More button and a box will appear into which you can type the other persons email address. Note that they need to have registered for an Almond account before you can invite them.



Simply click Invite and they’ll be able to access your Almond from their Almond account.




A list of users will appear under “Shared With” and to remove access, simply click on Remove and then confirm that you want to remove the user and they’ll no longer have access to your Almond.



Currently there’s no granular control of what additional users can control on your Almond, but this is something we’re planning on offering in the future.

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