Innovative ways to Use your Smart Home to Save Water Damage Premiums



Water damage is the No.1 source of insurance claims in the US. Not only can it increases your premiums, but might end up ruining an item of furniture that has sentimental value. Not to mention the trouble and effort to replace furniture you may have been happy with.women’s human hair wigs

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Fortunately, Almond router and smart home hub is here to save the day. Almond does so much more than just automate your lighting, thermostat temperature and save you energy. Combined with the right sensors it helps you secure your house against thieves, make your house a safer place to live, and also detect things that can damage your home, for example, water leak from burst pipes.

And, because Almond gives you an app in which you can create your own automation – and also connects to a massive number of third party sensors and famous smart products, like Nest, Philips Hue and Yale, among others – it means you can create your own personalized water leak warnings.

What do I mean by personalized water leak warnings?

Almond flood sensor sends a message to your smartphone when a water leak is detected enabling you to react quickly and limit damage. But what if you were home without your phone in your pocket, or are asleep and your phone is turned off? No problem. Almond can utilize your other smart devices to make sure you always get notified of your water leak.

  1. Watching a movie in the living room without your phone – Get the flood sensor to set your smart lights to flash a certain color.
  2. Asleep – Link it to your siren and take advantage of your siren’s many different sounds.

The kind of smart personalized water damage warning you want to create is only limited by your imagination and the number of smart devices you have. You can see a full list of smart products Almond router and smart hub is compatible on our website. Just tap on Smart Home, Compatible Devices, and choose your Almond device on the menu.

Setting up Your Flood Sensor, Almond and Personalized Water Leak Warnings

  1. Decide how many flood sensors you need and where to put. Key scenarios you might need to cover are: burst pipes in the basement, broken washing machine; or, bath tub, swimming pool or cistern overflows.
  2. Fix it to the wall with the sensor end touching the floor or set at the maximum waterline.
  3. Pair the flood sensor with Almond by following the instructions in the quick start guide.
  4. Open your Almond app, go to the Devices tab, and then find your flood sensor. On the right hand side of your flood sensor tap to open up the menu and then choose notify me. You will now get a message if there is a water leak. It is as simple as that.
  5. To add additional personalized automations go to the Rules tab. Firstly, decide on your scenario.


Scenario One – You are home and you want the lights to flash or turn green when a water leak is detected.

If so, go to the ‘IF’ tab and select the ‘Flood Sensor Activated’ icon, but then also the ‘Home’ icon.  Then go the ‘Then’ tab and select your smart light, choose an activity and then save the Rule.

Scenario Two – You are in bed asleep.

Go to the ‘IF’ tab. Select the ‘Time’ icon and set a time when you are usually asleep; also select ‘Flood Sensor Activated’ and ‘Home.’ Then go the ‘Then’ tab, set your Siren and then save the Rule.

Almond’s compatibility with a wide variety of smart products combined with Almond’s automation engine means you can create personalized, effective automation to control, secure and also detect and limit problems in your home. We have covered water leak and water damage here but you can do the same for security or general safety.

Look through our website for more ways you can use smart products together to save you money and enhance your home security.

How to Buy Securifi Products

Special Offer – Securifi has recently launched an Almond Water Leak Solution including an Almond 2015 and flood sensor. (

Alternatively, if you are in the USA you can buy the full range of Almond products through our website: (

For more information on Almond click here.

Alternatively, if you would like to partner with us click this link.

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