Introducing the Almond Channel on IFTTT


Almond Channel on IFTTT

Here at Securifi, we are always looking for ways to deliver the best possible smart home experience and the fullest range of services for people to automate their home. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with IFTTT and the Almond Channel is live today.

For a while now, I’d been looking for a way to preheat my home so it’s warm and cozy by the time I get home from work. Almond’s WiFi triggers enable me to automatically switch on the thermostat when my phone connects to my home WiFi network, when I arrive home. But what I really needed was for my thermostat to start heating five minutes before I arrived.

With the Almond channel on IFTTT, I can now automatically turn on my thermostat from a mile away giving it a longer head start. This is done by using my phone’s GPS location as an IF trigger on IFTTT, and using that to activate a scene that turns on the thermostat.


Example Almond Channel Recipes

The Almond Channel on IFTTT not only solves my thermostat problem but also many more sticky problems like it for our users. Given the hundreds of Channels on IFTTT, there is now a large number of things you can do with your Almond, thanks to our Almond Channel. Here are some of our favorite recipes:

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We’re sure you’ll come up with even more interesting recipes that use Almond. Share your recipes with us in the comments, and we’ll feature the best ones on the Almond Channel!

It’s really easy to get started with the Almond Channel. If you don’t already have an IFTTT account, go to and sign up for one. Then, sign in, and go to and click on the “Connect” button. Use your Securifi account login to give permission on the authentication page, and the Almond Channel is ready to use. Click on one of our recipes or create your own to start using it right away!

Our rules engine in the Almond app (available for iOS and Android) is still the best way to accomplish complex behaviors that have multiple triggers or actions. For example, if you want to set the Almond to Away mode when everyone in your home leaves for the day, you’ll need a rule like this:


Because IFTTT supports only one trigger in the IF part, you just can’t do this using IFTTT. You need Almond rules. We see the Channel on IFTTT as augmenting Almond’s own powerful rules engine. While Almond’s rules engine gives you depth with direct control of devices, low latency and multiple triggers and actions with delays, IFTTT helps you use your Almond more broadly by connecting to hundreds of other devices and services.

As a part of our IFTTT launch, we are giving a discount of $80 on our Almond+ dual band router and home automation hub! Just click on this link to shop.

The Almond Channel is live now. Click to go to the Channel page, and to go to the Securifi page on IFTTT.

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