Welcome to the Securifi blog

Hi there, this is our brand new blog and this will be the future home for news and updates for the Almond+ and of course for our other products.

As we’re reaching the end of our Kickstarter campaign, things will start to wind down on Kickstarter, but it’s still only just the beginning of the Almond+. As such we quickly realised we needed a more friendly means of communicating with our backers and customers and although we the forum, it’s not for everyone when it comes to getting the latest news and information.

We decided to create a blog where we can provide a similar style of news and updates that we’ve done on Kickstarter. Our goal with the blog is to provide simple guides, tips and tricks etc. as well as keeping you all up to date with what we’re working on and what you can expect in the next firmware. We’ll try to keep the tech jargon to a minimum when possible, as we know many of you are getting our products because of the ease of use.

On the other hand, if you want to discuss more in-depth technical things with us, we have a forum for that and it’s also a great place to get help and ideas from other forum members. Don’t forget that we also have a Wiki with guides and instructions on how to do a lot of things and we’ll be adding more content there over time a well.

Please note that we have a separate commenting system on the blog, as we currently can’t  integrate it with the forums, in as much as we’d love to be able to do it. You don’t have to register another account though, as we’ve enabled most common logins, or you can comment without logging in, we just have to approve the comment first.

For now, we’ll continue to post updates on Kickstarter, but we’ll also be posting them on here so that there’s some continuation once we decide it’s time to stop posting updates on Kickstarter.

Please let us know what you think either in the comments below, in the forums, or on Kickstarter for now, about our blog and the transition away from Kickstarter.


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4 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    hi, a bit darker shade of grey will increase readability a lot!

  2. Jason says:

    I have looked at both the KS page and this one and there is no word yet as to when the A+ will be available to the public? Been waiting for this router for what seem like an eternity

    • Lars says:

      Well, we haven’t announced it as yet, but expect retail availability in November. Do note that the MSRP will be $249.99 in the US, we haven’t set the pricing in other regions as yet.

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